SRT - Spiritual Response Technique

SRT is an energy clearing technique that operates at the SOUL level. By grounding and centering myself through a prayer and meditation, I connect to my High Self an then to your High Self. Dowsing with the help of a pendulum, I ask High Self to locate the blocks in your soul records and ask it to clear the negative programming which is causing dis-ease and disharmony in your life. All limiting patterns and beliefs that you had been carrying into this life time are released in the process, thus opening up new opportunities for you to use your full potential to help you achieve what you have always craved for in your life time.
Possibilities with SRT -
  • SRT enables to research the conscious mind, subconscious mind and the soul records (includes Past Lives) to discover and release blocks to health, happiness and Spiritual Growth.
  • Through SRT, you can understand the objective of your life on this planet in a very precise manner.
  • SRT enables to clear the discordant energies of the living space so that a positive environment can be generated in your living space.
  • Through SRT, the time scheduled for all minor and major illnesses and accidents by the soul can be identified precisely and the energies leading to these illness and accident can be cleared and eliminated.
  • SRT helps to understand our relationships and behavioral patterns in a better way thus paving way for improved relationships and behavior.
  • Discordant energies forming the basis for critical illnesses like asthma, cancer, AIDS, etc. can be cleared through SRT, thus laying a very strong foundation for overcoming the disease.
  • Allergies can be cleared easily which may help to eliminate the disease permanently.
  • SRT can help in clearing the energies behind Retarded Growth (Physical as well as Mental), thus paving way for improved lives of such individuals.
  • SRT helps to understand medically undiagnosed diseases and the energetic patterns behind the disease, and these can be cleared through SRT.
  • Blocks to Abundance (relating to money and prosperity) can be cleared, thus opening gateways to more opportunities.
  • Performance (Academic and Sports) can be improved through SRT.
  • Disturbing dreams (Nightmares) can be eliminated through SRT.
  • SRT helps to provide a fresh start to your life by clearing the discordant energies responsible for any unfavorable situation.
  • SRT enables to take favorable decisions related to property, business, education, etc. in an accurate manner.
  • SRT helps us establish close connection with our spiritual healers, angels and guides which bring about very powerful healing and information to us.