I am Uttam. I am a Metaphysical Healer & Counsellor, Reiki Master, Advanced SRT Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Therapist & Reflexologist. I have been trained in different modalities by Dr. Rohit Nandwani & Dr. Lalita Nandwani from New Delhi, and Malabika Shaw from the USA. All of them  are Spiritual Gurus themselves. I have been a metaphysical healer since 2002 and have been teaching these sciences since 2009.
I am also a Pyra Vaastu Expert, trained and certified by the founder of Pyra Vaastu Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt himself.
In my quest to understand human behavior and diseases, I have been a student of psychology. Few questions were answered by psychology, but the deeper questions still remained unanswered. Times took a different turn and I moved into Alternative Therapies. These therapies opened the gateway to Inner Wisdom - the knowledge that comes from the different layers of consciousness of a human being, from the nature, from the Universe/Cosmos as a whole. I have understood the role of the mind and soul in manifestation of situations and diseases and how and why human beings behave in the way they actually do.
At Srijan, I assist people in overcoming their blocks which are actually leading to sickness of the body and the mind. I train people to overcome their dis-eases in life themselves. In short, anybody visiting Srijan actually begins his transformation into a new world where he discovers his own true potential to heal and overcome hurdles of life.